Gold and Pink Easter Look

I posted this video last night and thought I would share it on my blog as well! Just a cheerful pink and gold makeup look in celebration of Easter and springtime! I hope you enjoy!

Fab or Drab Volume 5

Hello my lovelies! I thought I would do another Fab or Drab post for fun, but I promise some more reviews coming up soon!

Basically a Fab or Drab is just me letting you know some things that I am really loving right now and some things that just aren't so great. I would love to hear what you think is Fab or Drab right now in the comments! So here goes!

-Pastel Cream Nail Polish- Oh how I love me some cream-finish, pastel pink, purple, green, blue and yellow nail polishes! Now that spring is on its way I am so happy to ditch the taupes, greys and jewel tones of fall and winter for some pretty, happy pastel colored nails!

-Gradual Tanning Lotion- Due to lack of sun during the cold winter months my skin has been looking hella pale. Last week I looked almost ill every time I looked in the mirror. My solution: Nivea Summer Touch gradual tanning lotion, which made me look a lot more healthy after a few days of use (just remember to exfoliate!).

-Bright Colored Lips- Because I am looking so pale (see above) I have found lately that nude lips just haven't been doing it for me. I little bit of pink or berry colored lip gloss has been just the trick to warm up my face. Bonus: I find that brighter colored sheer lip glosses minimize the look of chapped lips which I have definitely been suffering from!

-Ballet Flats- I wear heels to work almost every day so by the weekend I am so looking forward to wearing flatter shoes! Now that the snow has melted off all of the sidewalks I have been able to wear cute ballet flats without fear of wet feet (or wrecking my shoes)!

-Exams- Nuff said! I'm sure all of the college students out there agree with me on this one! Don't worry everyone- the end is near and summer is right around the corner!

-Full Coverage Foundation- I have been wearing MAC Face and Body Foundation for many months now but the other day I tried a full coverage foundation and just did not like the results. It accentuated the dryness on my skin and just did not look natural. Remember girls- makeup should enhance your features not be a mask!

-Chapped Lips- No matter how much lip balm I apply or how many times a day I exfoliate my lips, they just end up chapped and dry every single day! Add lipstick to the mix and it just looks like a mess! Any suggestions would be GREATLY  appreciated.

Thanks so much for stopping by for some Cosmetic Confessions! Have a beautiful day!
xoxo, Caitlin

Video: Pretty in Pink Spring Makeup Tutorial

Just showing you a tutorial I posted a couple of days ago. I am really excited that spring is just around the corner (or already here for you lucky readers who live farther south than me-which is just about everyone!). I decided to do this monochromatic pink look in celebration of spring! So its pretty, shimmery pink on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. I hope you enjoy!

NOTD: Sparkling Grape Soda

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday! I just wanted to post some pictures of the nail polish I have on right now because I thought they were cute =)
I'm wearing L.A. Colors Color Craze nail polish in Tropical Breeze and Star Light. I thought it would be cute to put the sparkly Star Light color only on my thumb and ring finger!
I thought the Tropical Breeze was a unique purple color that is nice for spring :)
It took three coats of Tropical Breeze to get the opacity and smoothness that I wanted but it applied evenly without any streaks and dried fast. I put two thin coats of Star Light on my thumb and index finger. I have bought a few L.A. colors polishes before and I really liked how they performed, but I cannot comment on the wear time of these polishes because I only applied them this morning!
Please excuse the cut on my palm in this picture! I know it looks kind of gross!

I hope you like this look. What is your favorite nail polish of the moment?
Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a beautiful Saturday!
xoxo, Caitlin

Review: Hard Candy Undercover Agent Undereye Brightener & Concealer Duo

Hello my lovely readers! Today I have another review for you and its for a product that I was every eager to try after I saw it in the store because I am a self-professed concealer junkie. I have been cursed with perma-dark circles and I am always on the hunt for another great undereye concealer. I have get to find my absolute holy grail, but here are my thoughts on Hard Candy Undercover Agent Undereye Brightener & Concealer Duo.

The first thing I must comment on is the unusual packaging of this product. The brightener comes housed in a squeeze tube with the nub of concealer sitting on the top of the brightener lid (sorry if that makes no sense, it's hard to explain!). While I give them props for being creative, it can be kind of annoying because when you go to remove or replace the lid of the concealer, you run the risk of scraping a piece of it off with the lid!

Now on to how I feel about the product, or should I say products themselves. I was actually very impressed with how the undereye brightener performed. It did have a brightening effect without having any detectable shimmer or glitter in it and it applied smoothly to my undereye area. I used this both with the concealer included in Undercover Agent and some other concealers and products layered over the brightener very well. It does make your undereye area pretty shiny looking, so I would definitely recommend setting the brightener-concealer combo with a light powder.
Swatches of Undereye Brightener unblended, Undereye Brightener blended, and Concealer
The concealer in Undercover Agent was okay in my opinion, but it certainly wasn't the star of the show. It felt kind of sticky to me and did not do the best job of covering my dark circles. I recommend this concealer for younger skin without any fine lines and for people who only have minor undereye circles to cover up (unlike myself). I used the shade Light, which matched my skintone but did not correct the color of my dark circle very well.

Unfortunately, this product only comes in three shades: Light, Medium, and Tan, so there are definitely people who will not be able to find their perfect shade match. For $6 I recommend buying this product for the undereye brightener alone because it would work on any skin tone and I really liked how it performed!

This along with other Hard Candy products can be found at Wal Mart. I picked up a few other Hard Candy products while I was there so expect reviews of those soon!

Overall, I would recommend this product and would buy it again, but only for the undereye brightener and not for the concealer part. Fortunately, the tube of undereye brightener is a generous size and you only need a tiny bit for both eyes so I foresee this lasting me a long time and it is definitely worth the $6 in my opinion. Also, you may really like this concealer if one of the shades matches you and you have only minor dark circle to cover.

Thank you for stopping by for some Cosmetic Confessions! Have a beautiful day!
xoxo, Caitlin