Fab or Drab Volume 5

Hello my lovelies! I thought I would do another Fab or Drab post for fun, but I promise some more reviews coming up soon!

Basically a Fab or Drab is just me letting you know some things that I am really loving right now and some things that just aren't so great. I would love to hear what you think is Fab or Drab right now in the comments! So here goes!

-Pastel Cream Nail Polish- Oh how I love me some cream-finish, pastel pink, purple, green, blue and yellow nail polishes! Now that spring is on its way I am so happy to ditch the taupes, greys and jewel tones of fall and winter for some pretty, happy pastel colored nails!

-Gradual Tanning Lotion- Due to lack of sun during the cold winter months my skin has been looking hella pale. Last week I looked almost ill every time I looked in the mirror. My solution: Nivea Summer Touch gradual tanning lotion, which made me look a lot more healthy after a few days of use (just remember to exfoliate!).

-Bright Colored Lips- Because I am looking so pale (see above) I have found lately that nude lips just haven't been doing it for me. I little bit of pink or berry colored lip gloss has been just the trick to warm up my face. Bonus: I find that brighter colored sheer lip glosses minimize the look of chapped lips which I have definitely been suffering from!

-Ballet Flats- I wear heels to work almost every day so by the weekend I am so looking forward to wearing flatter shoes! Now that the snow has melted off all of the sidewalks I have been able to wear cute ballet flats without fear of wet feet (or wrecking my shoes)!

-Exams- Nuff said! I'm sure all of the college students out there agree with me on this one! Don't worry everyone- the end is near and summer is right around the corner!

-Full Coverage Foundation- I have been wearing MAC Face and Body Foundation for many months now but the other day I tried a full coverage foundation and just did not like the results. It accentuated the dryness on my skin and just did not look natural. Remember girls- makeup should enhance your features not be a mask!

-Chapped Lips- No matter how much lip balm I apply or how many times a day I exfoliate my lips, they just end up chapped and dry every single day! Add lipstick to the mix and it just looks like a mess! Any suggestions would be GREATLY  appreciated.

Thanks so much for stopping by for some Cosmetic Confessions! Have a beautiful day!
xoxo, Caitlin


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