Review: LUSH Happy Blooming Bath Melt

Hello my lovely readers! I thought I would bring you a review today of one my current favorite bath products from LUSH!

Ahhh...who doesn't love a nice bubble bath. I know I sure do but I find that lately due to extremely dry, harsh weather where I live my skin has been super dry and the bubbles in my bubble bath have not been helping matters. While it doesn't make fun pink bubbles in my bath tub LUSH Happy Blooming Bath Melt has been working wonders on my dry skin.
Yum! This picture looks good enough to eat!

As you can see from the picture, this bath melt is split into three sections and you are only meant to use one section per bath. I was a little sceptical because this bath melt is already a bit smaller than some of the other ones and I felt that only using one third of it would not even make a difference in my bath water. Boy was I wrong! One little wedge of this bath melt is packed with cocoa butter and other essential oils which melt into your bath and get to work softening your skin. It also contains calamine powder which can help sooth your skin, especially if you have any itchy dry patches or rashes.

I absolutely love how my skin feels after using this product in my bath. The oils sink into your skin, leaving it silky and soft but not greasy like some of the other LUSH bath melts I have used in the past. I don't even need moisturizer after I use this product and I ALWAYS use moisturizer after a bath or shower so that's really saying something!

Unfortunately, there is one fairly substantial issue with this product and that is the scent. If you have ever tried LUSH products you know how strong the scents can be and this product is no exception. LUSH describes it as smelling like cherries and passion flower, but I felt that it smelled more like synthetic cherry candy with the afternote of play-doh, lol. I didn't mind the smell myself but scents are very personal and the scent of this product is so strong that there is no way you could ignore it. I recommend smelling this product in store instead of ordering it online just in case you don't like the scent.

Also, as with most LUSH bath product that contain cocoa butter, the Happy Blooming Bath Melt does leave a residue around your bath tub. This is not a big deal to me because the moisturizing benefits of this product far outweigh the risk of me having to clean my tub right after I use it!

Overall, I think that this is an amazing product if you like the scent, which I do. I have tried a few other LUSH Bath Melts in the past, and this one is by far the most moisturizing on my skin. Also, the fact that it lasts for three baths instead of one is a definite bonus!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Let me know what your favorite bath products are! Have a beautiful day!
xoxo, Caitlin


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