Depotting My Urban Decay Primer Potion Sure was Worth It!

Hello my lovelies! If any of you watch my tutorials on YouTube, you will know that I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance in almost every single video. But what you don't know is that my love for eye primers started with Urban Decay Primer Potion. A purchased a tube of UDPP a lonnngg time ago and I absolutely loved the stuff. I used it every day for quite a while but when I ran out I purchased Too Faced Shadow Insurance simply because the packaging was so much more hygienic and you could actually get all of the product out of the tube!

Now I'm sure some of you have seen tutorials on YouTube about depotting UDPP into a small container by cutting open the tube and until last week I had never got around to doing this. I simply left my tube of UDPP in my drawer for months after I couldn't get any more of it out of the tube and every time I would look at it I would feel a bit of frustration about how much money I spent on a product with such stupid (albeit very cute) packaging. 

Finally a couple of days I decided I would try my luck at cutting open the tube to see how much was inside but I expected the remnants left over to be dried out and unusable. I grabbed a cheap IKEA knife (don't try this with a good knife in case you ruin it!) and I started sawing away!

It took a few minutes, mostly because I didn't want to slice my fingers off but the rewards inside were so worth it!
As you can see from this photo, I hadn't even used half of the primer in the tube! Not only was over half the tube still full, but the primer inside was not dried out at all!
I used the wand from the tube to scoop the product out of the tube into a little jar (this actually worked quite well at getting all of the product out of the tube). 
I'm so happy that I actually took the time to do this! I forgot how much I love this stuff and now I can keep my Too Faced Shadow Insurance in my kit and use this jar of Urban Decay Primer Potion on myself!
Here is what the jar looked like after I smoothed out the product. There is enough in there to last me for months! Just make sure you get a container with a lid that seals out any air so that the product does not dry out.

I'm so glad I didn't just throw my tube of Urban Decay Primer Potion away when I thought it was "empty". If you have an old tube of UDPP lying around or if you think your tube is almost empty, I definitely recommend trying this out!

Thanks so much for stopping by! What is your favorite eye primer?
Have a beautiful day!
xoxo, Caitlin


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