Why I have been MIA

Just a quick message letting you know why I have not posted anything on here or on youtube for a while. My computer crashed, like literally "couldn't turn it on" kind of crashed and I had to delete everything currently on my computer in order to fix it :(

That included all my video and photo editting software, stock photos, FOTD and makeup photos I had taken, the intro that I use for my videos, etc, etc I could go on and on. I am currently working very hard to get everything up and running again.

But for some good news: I have lots of fun posts and videos in the works including a review and tutorial using my new *favorite* foundation, some reviews of some inexpensive but awesome new eyeshadows I bought, and some colorful eye looks.

I will try to have these things up as soon as possible (providing I don't run into anymore technical difficulties LOL). Stay tuned for more Cosmetic Confessions!

XOXO, Caitlin


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