Fab or Drab: Volume 2

Due to the fact that I am still trying to sort out my pictures, etc. from my computer crash (see post below). I figured I would do a "Fab or Drab". I find things like this very fun to read on other people's blogs so hopefully you find it fun on mine as well :D

Christmas Collections/Makeup Gift Sets: Its that time of year where all of the makeup companies are releasing their Christmas collections and gift sets! I love holiday makeup with its rich reds and shimmery golds! I also find gift sets very exciting as they are usually a good deal and they allow you to try things you wouldn't necessarily buy full sized right off the bat.

Sleek Palettes: These palettes are only $11.75 each (although when I ordered mine they were only $10 each) and they are beautifully packaged and very high quality eyeshadows. Expect a review and swatches coming very soon!

Hot Chocolate: Brr its getting cold here and nothing is a better treat to me right now than a nice hot mug of hot cocoa with marshmallows on top. I like it best made on the stovetop from scratch :)

Ankle Boots: I have a great pair that I bought in California. They have about a 2-3 inch heel so I can walk in them for days and they look good with so many things: leggings, skinny jeans, dresses, you name it! I am currently on the prowl for another pair because they are so dang versatile and cute!

Computer Crashes: Need I say more? Nothing frustrates me more than technical difficulties because I usually don't have the computer geek skills to fix them. Thankfully my boyfriend does and that is the reason why I am sitting here typing this to you :)

Dry Skin: Sooooo annoying! Every night before bed I slather my lips in lip balm and coat my hands with body butter and every morning I wake up to cracked lips and dry skin :( I live in a very dry area and once the cold weather rolls in its a constant battle with dry skin! I'm sincerely jealous of all you girls who live in warm, humid climates!

Midterms: I'm sure all of my fellow students agree with me on this one! Its crunch time and studying for 25 hours a day doesn't leave much time for pampering :(

I hope you enjoyed hearing about what I think is Fab or Drab at the moment. As always I tried to be positive and put more "Fab" than "Drab" because its very easy to complain but its nice to take a minute to enjoy the good things in life :)

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Have a beautiful day!
XOXO, Caitlin

FTC: All products mentioned were purchased by me. I am not being compensated for this post.


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