Fab or Drab Volume 1

So I kind of borrowed inspiration for this post from magazine's "Hot or Not" pages and some of the "In or Out" posts I have seen on various blogs. To not seem like a complete copycat I am calling this series "Fab or Drab" and its basically my opinions on some random things that I am loving and not quite loving at the moment! I find these really fun to read on other blogs so I hope you guys find this fun as well!

Fall Nail Colors- I'm talking to you Metro Chic! I love me some fall nail colors whether it be grey, brown, purple, taupe, or navy. These colors scream chic and have a level of sophistication that brights and pastels just don't have.

Animal Print Accessories- Animal print is definitely one of those things that can be good or very, very bad depending on the curcumstance! I definitely think that wearing animal print head to toe should be left to animals but a pop of animal print in the form of a scarf or a ballet flat can be very fab! Oh and synthetic fabrics only, no real fur (another thing that should be left to the animals)!

Glee!- I missed the boat on this first season but wondered what all the hype was about. I ended up watching (and falling in love with!) the entire first season over the summer. I guess that makes me a bandwagon jumper. Season two premiered this week much to my excitement and I turned into a Gleek all over again!

Green Tea- Its yummy, healthy, and gives me just enough caffeine ward off grumpiness in the morning without making me jittery.

Homework- Nuff said! I'm sure my fellow students would agree that homework/studying is one of those necessary evils. I already have midterms starting next week even though it feels like school just started a couple of days ago!

The end of summer- As much as I love fall fashion and makeup styles, I don't particularly love the "fall" part. I'm a summer loving girl, and unfortunately where I live summer doesn't last for long. Basically it has been cold and rainy here since the end of August and I know that its only gonna get colder!

Well thats all for my thoughts on whats Fab or Drab right now. I will definitely put up more of these posts, I think they are really fun! I hope you guys are having a fab day hehe!

xoxo, Caitlin

Rimmel's Steel Grey: The Perfect Fall Polish!

A few weeks ago I treated myself and my sister to a mani at a fairly high-end spa. The spa had its own line of nail polishes, all of which I found a bit boring and not at all unique. I did end up choosing a polish that I was okay with but when I went up to pay for our services I saw that the girl at the front desk was wearing the most unique shade of creamy warm grey. I assumed it was one of the spa's own nail polishes and felt pretty snubbed that it wasn't one of the choices presented to me but when I asked which polish she was wearing, it turned out that it was from none other than drugstore brand Rimmel!

Turns out the color is from Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Pro nail polish line, which I have heard good things about! The color is called steel grey (number 207) but in my opinion it is a much creamier and warmer grey that what I would imagine a steel grey to be. It is a cream finish, which I am partial to, and I think it is a very unique shade perfect for fall! Cue the swatches!

The formula of this nail polish was impressive. It applied easily and opaquely in two coats and dried slightly darker than it appeared in the bottle. The brush is a bit different, kind of thick and flat, but it was very easy to use (although it might make things difficult if you have very small nails).

At only $5, this nail polish performed similarly to some of my more pricey nail polishes, and I am excited to try some of the other shades!

Overall, I think this is the perfect nail polish for fall. Its tame enough to wear to the office but it is still unique enough to make a statement.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a beautiful day!
xoxo, Caitlin

FTC: Purchased by me. All opinions my own.