Fab or Drab Volume 1

So I kind of borrowed inspiration for this post from magazine's "Hot or Not" pages and some of the "In or Out" posts I have seen on various blogs. To not seem like a complete copycat I am calling this series "Fab or Drab" and its basically my opinions on some random things that I am loving and not quite loving at the moment! I find these really fun to read on other blogs so I hope you guys find this fun as well!

Fall Nail Colors- I'm talking to you Metro Chic! I love me some fall nail colors whether it be grey, brown, purple, taupe, or navy. These colors scream chic and have a level of sophistication that brights and pastels just don't have.

Animal Print Accessories- Animal print is definitely one of those things that can be good or very, very bad depending on the curcumstance! I definitely think that wearing animal print head to toe should be left to animals but a pop of animal print in the form of a scarf or a ballet flat can be very fab! Oh and synthetic fabrics only, no real fur (another thing that should be left to the animals)!

Glee!- I missed the boat on this first season but wondered what all the hype was about. I ended up watching (and falling in love with!) the entire first season over the summer. I guess that makes me a bandwagon jumper. Season two premiered this week much to my excitement and I turned into a Gleek all over again!

Green Tea- Its yummy, healthy, and gives me just enough caffeine ward off grumpiness in the morning without making me jittery.

Homework- Nuff said! I'm sure my fellow students would agree that homework/studying is one of those necessary evils. I already have midterms starting next week even though it feels like school just started a couple of days ago!

The end of summer- As much as I love fall fashion and makeup styles, I don't particularly love the "fall" part. I'm a summer loving girl, and unfortunately where I live summer doesn't last for long. Basically it has been cold and rainy here since the end of August and I know that its only gonna get colder!

Well thats all for my thoughts on whats Fab or Drab right now. I will definitely put up more of these posts, I think they are really fun! I hope you guys are having a fab day hehe!

xoxo, Caitlin


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