I'm Feeling So-So About Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner

When I heard that Wet n Wild had come out with a creme eyeliner I was quite thrilled. I have recently been using some of their Color Icon shadows and I'm really impressed so I knew I had to try their Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner. At around $4 a pop these cream eyeliners are much less expensive than even most other drugstore cream or gel eyeliners, but do they compare? Unfortunately not, in my opinion, and I'll tell you why...

The Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliners come in two shades: Black and Eggplant. I opted for the eggplant shade because it looked so beautiful and I already have a few other black gel and cream liners. The product comes packaged in a nice looking box and as a bonus it also comes with the little brush. The brush is not bad, I wouldn't use it for initial application as I have many other better brushes but I might put this in my purse makeup bag for touch ups. The cream eyeliner comes in a cute little round glass container. In my opinion the packaging is very nice, especially for the price, but my issues are with the product itself.

I wanted to like this product, I really did! But as you can see in the swatch below, the product was just not very pigmented. It went on unevenly both on my hand and on my eye, and when you try to go over it a second time the product sort of clumps up. Additionally, the color does not look half as beautiful on the eye as it seems in the pot. It was a sort of lackluster purple color whereas in the pot it was a beautiful, shimmery, vibrant purple color. I'm curious to see if the black shade of this same product has the same pigmentation issues because it would be great to find a $4 black cream eyeliner.

In addition to the pigmentation issues that I had, the product did not go on as smoothly as other cream or gel eyeliners that I have tried. The staying power was decent, it didn't smudge or smear on my lids when I wore it all day, but when the product doesn't initially look good on, I don't really care how long it lasts!

Overall, I think that there are much better cream and gel eyeliners out there. From the drugstore I personally prefer Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. Although it costs about twice as much as the Wet n Wild one, it is much more smooth and pigmented. I will still have to try the black shade from Wet n Wild to see if it is more richly pigmented than the eggplant shade. For now, I will stick to my Wet n Wild Color Icon shadows which I love! Do you have any recommendations for other Wet n Wild products that are good? If you do, please leave a comment. I love a new drugstore find!

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