Beauty Resolutions for 2011

Oh New Years, the time of champagne, sparkles, countdowns and, of course, resolutions! I don't know about you, but my past experiences with New Years resolutions usually end up being ignored by the second week of January. So instead of telling myself that I will lose ten pounds, stop cramming for school exams, and keep my bedroom perfectly organized at all times, I figured beauty resolutions would be a lot more fun and probably a lot easier to keep (at least until February hehe!). So here are my beauty resolutions for 2011:

-Use less makeup wipes and deep cleanse my face more: I always make sure that there is a bottle of cleanser in my bathroom but once I'm getting ready for bed and feeling a bit tired I find it so much more convenient to just wipe my face clean with a makeup wipe. The problem with this is that it doesn't get your face perfectly clean like regular cleansing does. So even if it takes a minute more and is a little less convenient, I'm going to try to properly cleanse my face every night before bed.

-Take better care of my eyebrows: my eyebrow hair is very light so its not super obvious when the plucked hairs start to grow in but I really hate the texture of eyeshadow over top of unkept brow hairs. Compared to most people I probably take pretty good care of my brows, but I would like to pluck the strays just a little more often in 2011.

-Exfoliate my body at least once, preferably twice, a week: I am pretty good about exfoliating my face (I do it about three times a week with a gentle facial exfoliator), but exfoliating my whole body takes a bit longer so I find myself procrastinating about it. In 2011 I resolve to exfoliate my body more as it just makes skin look so much more luminous!

-Last but not least, blog more!!!: this isn't really a beauty resolution but I was pretty bad about blogging in December so I definitely resolve to blog more. I have so much planned for this blog and my youtube channel of the same name so stay tuned to Cosmetic Confessions in 2011 for lots more reviews, tutorials, hauls, and other fun, girly things!

Happy New Year everyone!
xoxo, Caitlin