All About Foundation Part 2: Finding Your Perfect Shade of Foundation!

Okay, so you have picked a foundation formulation that you want to try, now to find your perfect shade match. This seems easier than it actually is! The lighting in many stores is often poor, making it difficult to see if the foundation is a true match or not, and even once you have found your perfect match the foundation could oxidize over time, turning your face orange! Here are my tips on finding your perfect shade match:

As far as shade matching goes, I would recommend to anyone who is just starting out to seek help from a professional at a makeup store or counter. They can tell you about their products and help you pick out what you are looking for as well as properly color match so you know you are getting the proper shade and tone. I caution you though, don't buy the foundation right away. Ask the makeup artist to apply the foundation to your foundation-free face and leave the store for a little while so you can assess how the makeup wears on your skin as well as if you are happy with the shade and finish. This also allows you to make sure the foundation does not oxidize (turn orange) on your skin over time.

If you want to purchase foundation at a drugstore where there aren't necessarily staff to assist you, I recommend going with a friend and testing three shades of a foundation that are close to your skintone by applying stripes of each to your jawline. Allow the stripes to settle on your skin (again in case of oxidation) and after a few minutes get your friend to look at the stripes and squint her eyes. The stripe that disappears into your skin when your friend squints is your shade match! It should be noted that the fluorescent type lights often found in drugstores make it difficult to assess your proper shade match. Also, I recommend reading some online reviews of good drugstore foundations to give you an idea of some specific products to look for (once again, because there is no one at the drugstore to help you with specific product selection). The drugstore foundation I recommend the most is Revlon Colorstay! It has a great color selection, comes in two formulations (dry/normal and oily), has great pigmentation, a beautiful and natural looking finish, and is blendable and easy to work with!

I hope you found both of these "All About Foundation" posts helpful! Good luck finding your perfect foundation and thanks for stopping by my blog!

xoxo, Caitlin


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